Thursday, May 2, 2013

Past Post from a site that shut down 4- Why 35?

From 9/29/12

Why the number 35?
Here's why..
Since I was a child, I always wanted to have a favorite number.  I wanted a number that had a meaning or significance behind it.  But I never really had any number to consider because I wanted to have a unique number.  The number 3 would be an easy one because I'm a third child, or the number 6 because it's the day of my birthday.  Too common of a thing..
It wasn't until, high school or college (can't remember exactly) when I gave in to a "common" reason for having a favorite number.  I went with sports athletes.
So who may have worn the wonderful number of 35 you may ask?
Right around that time is when I starting playing ice hockey, and I realized that I loved to play the position of goalie.  Yes, people say you have to be crazy to play goalie, so go ahead, call me crazy!  I love it!  Well, at that time, the San Jose Sharks goalie was Evgeni Nabokov, so naturally, he is who I love to watch, and his number was 35.  Years, later, it got changed to number 20 when Vesa Toskala took 35.  But it does seem to be a common hockey goalie number.  With no further explanation, number 35 became the number of my choice, and that's what I went with from then on out.  It also turned out that one of my favorite SF Giants players at the time was SS Rich Aurillia who also sported number 35.  I think he was having his career year that season.  That just made the number even better!  
So there you have it- the number thirty five.  Not your typical "3" or "7" but it works for me!

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