Saturday, April 4, 2015

Few weeks into training..

The past few weeks of dispatcher training-

Training has been quite a roller coaster.  In the beginning, I found it quite enjoyable because I was able to sit back and absorb all that was going on and seeing how the dynamics of the team works.  It's incredible how the team that's on works together, helps each other, and knows their stuff so well!  I told a lot of them that they are amazing at what they do.  As training goes on, it gets more involved where I'm actually taking calls and getting on the air, communicating with the units.  This is where the roller coaster heads a little downward.  As I get more involved, I'm finding where my issues are and where areas that need improvement are.  There's so much to be learned, I feel like I'm a little fish trying to drink the ocean, and perhaps, I'm feeling like I'm too spread out where I'm trying to cover so much, but can only progress in tiny, tiny increments in each thing I'm learning.  In turn, I feel like I'm frustrating my trainer because she notices my mistakes.  After learning of my mistakes, I'm always quite upset with myself, though I don't always show it, I'm burning inside.  I can't stand making those mistakes, especially when it can affect those out in the field, and slow down the team I'm with.  So.. the training continues and the beat goes on.  Yes, I'm frustrated, but that's always part of training right?  Two steps forward, one step back.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The New first two weeks

Starting Sunday, 2/15/2015, I started a job which would probably be one of the toughest challenges I've taken on.  This journey all started a few years ago in 2013.  I applied for the Emergency Services Dispatcher job for Alameda County.  I was invited to take the test, and honestly a little surprised to learn that I've been invited to the interview stage.  I did that, but didn't make it into the hiring group, but was ranked high enough to stay in the hiring pool for a year.  Eventually, I took on a job with 24 Hour Fitness as a tax administrator.  During my time there, in June 2014, I was contacted by Alameda County HR asking if I wanted to re-interview for the same position.  What the heck- I did, and 8 months later, I'm working there!
The past two weeks have been filled with a lot of memorization of codes and processes.  This was a task that seems impossible, but I think I'm now seeing it as a little more doable.  My trainer has been great in showing me the ways of a dispatcher.  Yes- it's only been two weeks, and the training time can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months.  Still a long ways to go.  I can say that I've enjoyed the experience so far and look forward to doing much more.  I see that it can be frustrating and overwhelming with the types of calls and volume of calls that come in.  But I see from my trainer and others that it can be done!  It's quite a different feeling being in a spot where there's six computer screens to look at, no windows in the room, and knowing that we're in an underground facility.  But so far, no complaints.  Waking up at 6:15 to work from 7am to 3pm was great.  But now it's time for the midnight shifts for the next three months to continue training... here we go!..

Thank you 24

Just recently, it was time to resign from my position at 24 Hour Fitness as a property tax administrator.  I enjoyed my time there starting from halloween of 2013 till 2/12/15.  Being in the corporate office was an eye-opening experience.  I'm so appreciative of my boss, who I viewed as my father-type figure at work and guided and taught me along the way.  Doing business personal property taxes was not the easiest thing I've done in my life.  I do like math, but only simple math.  When it comes to finances and accounting concepts, I'm definitely not the best at that.  The other co-workers have been great in showing me along as well.  I respect every single person I've met there because they work so hard and apply all their knowledge to the work they conduct.  It's amazing to see how all the gears turn in each department.  Everyone has a specific role and gets it all done.  I do miss my cube and space I had- the dual-screen monitors, the cactus that eventually died, the halloween office event, the Thanksgiving potlucks.. so many things.  My time there will always be remembered and a part of who I am.  I've picked up so many Excel functions, I'm worried I won't remember them down the line.  Wow! those are so useful!  Well, it was a good run.  I'm thankful for it and cherish my time there.  Some other things I do miss are the drives (well, kind of).  Being in the car for 1/2 hour each way allowed me to listen to whatever music I put on my ipod mini! hah! Yes, I still use one of those ancient things!  Still works.  On there, I'd listen to my Mandarin lessons.  Those were quite useful.  Sometimes driving Crow Canyon reminded me of driving up to camp.  Racing the BART trains home to the CV station was always a challenge as well.  But it all came to an end as now I'm down to a 5 to 10 minute commute :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Annoying Driving Habits

Yeah- I like to post a lot of things that bother me... or it kind of sounds like complaining..haha.  Maybe it's my attempt to create a world that caters to me.  How selfish of me!  Well, here's my list of things that bug me when I'm on the road:

1. People cutting into your lane right before the exit off ramp.
This especially annoys me when they have all the time in the world to get into that lane, and then for some reason, they HAVE TO go in front of you just to exit when there's absolutely no cars behind me.  I don't get it.  I guess it goes along with the phrase I like to use when driving- "everyone always has to be first."  I am convinced that at least 75% of drivers always has to be first in line, which leads to my next one:

2. Impatience at a red light, at your expense.
When I'm the only car at a red light, and there's a few lanes going straight, there's always the car that eventually makes it to the red light that's in the same lane as me.  And of course, they just can't stand being in the lane behind another car, so they move over into the empty lane to be right next to me.  And of course, once the light turns green, they take off, get in the lane I'm in, and then half a block down, they start signaling and turn into to gas station, only to force me to slow down, and sometimes slamming on the brakes.  All this while there's still no cars behind me.  There probably would have only been a 3 second difference if they just stayed behind me.  Again, everyone always has to be first!

3. Swinging out while making a turn.
I am still trying to figure out the reasons and the thought process of why people swing out when making a turn.  There's absolutely no need to swing out and cross into the lane next to you when making a left turn at an intersection.  There's plenty of room to make a left turn.  If that driver is worried about hitting the curb even before making the turn, then that driver shouldn't even be on the road!  That person will most-likely cause an accident with the lane next to the driver.  Even with u-turns, when there's plenty of room to turn into, still no need to!

oh and believe me- there's plenty more, but these are my top ones that bug me.... maybe I should just take public transportation :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

small helpful item

Another little cheap thing I've found..

If you're into lotions and all those things without the chemicals, a simple and cheap solution is going to Target where the travel products are.. and find a little jar of Vaseline.  Use that as lotion.. for only a little over $1.  And to me personally, it actually feels better than using lotions.  Maybe petroleum jelly is better..?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Past Post from a site that shut down 4- Why 35?

From 9/29/12

Why the number 35?
Here's why..
Since I was a child, I always wanted to have a favorite number.  I wanted a number that had a meaning or significance behind it.  But I never really had any number to consider because I wanted to have a unique number.  The number 3 would be an easy one because I'm a third child, or the number 6 because it's the day of my birthday.  Too common of a thing..
It wasn't until, high school or college (can't remember exactly) when I gave in to a "common" reason for having a favorite number.  I went with sports athletes.
So who may have worn the wonderful number of 35 you may ask?
Right around that time is when I starting playing ice hockey, and I realized that I loved to play the position of goalie.  Yes, people say you have to be crazy to play goalie, so go ahead, call me crazy!  I love it!  Well, at that time, the San Jose Sharks goalie was Evgeni Nabokov, so naturally, he is who I love to watch, and his number was 35.  Years, later, it got changed to number 20 when Vesa Toskala took 35.  But it does seem to be a common hockey goalie number.  With no further explanation, number 35 became the number of my choice, and that's what I went with from then on out.  It also turned out that one of my favorite SF Giants players at the time was SS Rich Aurillia who also sported number 35.  I think he was having his career year that season.  That just made the number even better!  
So there you have it- the number thirty five.  Not your typical "3" or "7" but it works for me!

Past Post from a site that shut down 3- Those Little Things

From 10/1/12

You know how there's always those little small things in the day that bother you, but by the end of the day, you totally forget what they are?  Well, I'm going to attempt to capture those little bothers..  Let's see what we come up with!
-web browsers:
They seem enjoy causing problems with inconsistencies.  
Chrome- I edit an email one way, but once it gets sent, it totally formats it another way.  It was what I always used cause it seemed to be fastest, but the editing and everything must have been skipped in trying to make it faster.
Firefox- Too many updates!  It seems like almost once a week, there's update that causes you to just sit there for a few minutes.. updating... updating..
Internet Explorer- May be my go-to browser.  I know in the past, it's been a lot slower and there was too many extra features which slowed it down.
If there's anything that's ever proven itself unreliable, it would be technology.
You would think that as years go by and as technology advances, it would become more reliable and simple things would be easier.  For example, think of a Microsoft Windows OS.  I'm now using Windows 7, which waaaay far along from when it first started.  YET, you're still not allowed to rename a file just because the file is open.  How terrible is that!  We've come so far along in the world of technology yet we're not allowed to rename a file just because it's opened.  That's inconvenient.
Another one, I just tried opened up an app on my iphone and it just did the OS update.  Now the app lags.  I thought updates were supposed to help!  Now it's pretty much a useless app.
Inconsistencies again, really deflates a person's enjoyment of technology.
Don't you just hate it when things always happen in bunches!  As soon as I sit down to eat lunch in the cafeteria, someone walks in, needing my help with something, while getting a call on my work phone, and someone texting me on my personal phone.  Yup, happens all the time.  While the whole morning, it's absolutely calm with no one.  Yet at lunch time, everyone decides to contact you.
-flies and bugs:
Nothing else really needs to be said about that...
..except for those pesky spider webs!  Why does it seem like I always run into them?!  Even when there's someone in front of me, I somehow still manage to get a spider web on me.  One of those mysteries in life, I guess.
I guess that's enough for one day.. So many little things can happen in one day!