Thursday, May 2, 2013

Past Post from a site that shut down 3- Those Little Things

From 10/1/12

You know how there's always those little small things in the day that bother you, but by the end of the day, you totally forget what they are?  Well, I'm going to attempt to capture those little bothers..  Let's see what we come up with!
-web browsers:
They seem enjoy causing problems with inconsistencies.  
Chrome- I edit an email one way, but once it gets sent, it totally formats it another way.  It was what I always used cause it seemed to be fastest, but the editing and everything must have been skipped in trying to make it faster.
Firefox- Too many updates!  It seems like almost once a week, there's update that causes you to just sit there for a few minutes.. updating... updating..
Internet Explorer- May be my go-to browser.  I know in the past, it's been a lot slower and there was too many extra features which slowed it down.
If there's anything that's ever proven itself unreliable, it would be technology.
You would think that as years go by and as technology advances, it would become more reliable and simple things would be easier.  For example, think of a Microsoft Windows OS.  I'm now using Windows 7, which waaaay far along from when it first started.  YET, you're still not allowed to rename a file just because the file is open.  How terrible is that!  We've come so far along in the world of technology yet we're not allowed to rename a file just because it's opened.  That's inconvenient.
Another one, I just tried opened up an app on my iphone and it just did the OS update.  Now the app lags.  I thought updates were supposed to help!  Now it's pretty much a useless app.
Inconsistencies again, really deflates a person's enjoyment of technology.
Don't you just hate it when things always happen in bunches!  As soon as I sit down to eat lunch in the cafeteria, someone walks in, needing my help with something, while getting a call on my work phone, and someone texting me on my personal phone.  Yup, happens all the time.  While the whole morning, it's absolutely calm with no one.  Yet at lunch time, everyone decides to contact you.
-flies and bugs:
Nothing else really needs to be said about that...
..except for those pesky spider webs!  Why does it seem like I always run into them?!  Even when there's someone in front of me, I somehow still manage to get a spider web on me.  One of those mysteries in life, I guess.
I guess that's enough for one day.. So many little things can happen in one day!

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