Thursday, May 30, 2013

Annoying Driving Habits

Yeah- I like to post a lot of things that bother me... or it kind of sounds like complaining..haha.  Maybe it's my attempt to create a world that caters to me.  How selfish of me!  Well, here's my list of things that bug me when I'm on the road:

1. People cutting into your lane right before the exit off ramp.
This especially annoys me when they have all the time in the world to get into that lane, and then for some reason, they HAVE TO go in front of you just to exit when there's absolutely no cars behind me.  I don't get it.  I guess it goes along with the phrase I like to use when driving- "everyone always has to be first."  I am convinced that at least 75% of drivers always has to be first in line, which leads to my next one:

2. Impatience at a red light, at your expense.
When I'm the only car at a red light, and there's a few lanes going straight, there's always the car that eventually makes it to the red light that's in the same lane as me.  And of course, they just can't stand being in the lane behind another car, so they move over into the empty lane to be right next to me.  And of course, once the light turns green, they take off, get in the lane I'm in, and then half a block down, they start signaling and turn into to gas station, only to force me to slow down, and sometimes slamming on the brakes.  All this while there's still no cars behind me.  There probably would have only been a 3 second difference if they just stayed behind me.  Again, everyone always has to be first!

3. Swinging out while making a turn.
I am still trying to figure out the reasons and the thought process of why people swing out when making a turn.  There's absolutely no need to swing out and cross into the lane next to you when making a left turn at an intersection.  There's plenty of room to make a left turn.  If that driver is worried about hitting the curb even before making the turn, then that driver shouldn't even be on the road!  That person will most-likely cause an accident with the lane next to the driver.  Even with u-turns, when there's plenty of room to turn into, still no need to!

oh and believe me- there's plenty more, but these are my top ones that bug me.... maybe I should just take public transportation :)

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