Thursday, May 2, 2013

Past Post from a site that shut down 1- Useful Items For A Buck!

From 11/7/12

Shopping at the Dollar Tree (the store with the green tree).  It's convenient and nice if you can find the right things.  So far, the worst things in the Dollar Trees are the always seemingly long lines, which I really don't understand because isnt' everything a dollar?  Are people asking for price checks on items?!  Anyways, I know items sold aren't exactly the best quality by far, but there's still some items that can be of some use.  Here's my list of those things..
-duct tape
You may not get a lot from a roll sold at a dollar store, but if you just need some for a quick fix, go here.  It's a little thinner than most popular brands, but especially for things like art projects or something not heavy duty, dollar store is your place!
-safety goggles
Believe it or not, the dollar store cares about your eyeballs!  For simple protection this litle piece of plastic will at least protect your eyes from paint, water, or other non-high powered things.. and believe it or not, they're pretty comfortable and it slightly wraps around your head.
-drop cloths
I saw plastic drop cloths to cover a good amount of area if you're going to work on a messy project.  In a regular hardware store, you may find one drop cloth to be 3 to 5 dollars, but one for a dollar.  I'm on it!
-plastic table cloths
I learned this from being in Hong Kong.  Over in HK, they line the table with a plastic lining (similar to the plastic drop cloth).  If you're having a party, then looks don't matter.  Drop a plastic table cloth on and it makes clean up sooooo much easier.  Just roll it up and dump.  Done!
-foil pans
These can be useful for anything that's not heavy.  Probably wouldn't want to use it if you need to hold a bunch of baked potatoes or anything like that, but if you're holding things like salad or something lighter, might as well get it for a buck!
Believe it or not, how can a hammer really "break" on you.  If you need simple tools, check them out.  If you're thinking about the more finer-detailed tools (such as eyeglass screwdrivers or a philips screwdriver) where there's more intricate parts, then just be sure to take a careful look at it and make sure it looks okay.  Other useful items may be like rope, string, or even a small dustpan with broom (about 6" long).  That thing has helped me clean up my counters quite quickly.

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