Thursday, May 2, 2013

Past Post from a site that shut down 2- SF Giants Victory Celebrations

From 11/2/12

In 2010, when the Giants won the world series, I was on a cruise to Mexico.  It was great because there were a good amount of Giants fans gathered in a lounge room, and actually there were Giants fans scattered all throughout the ship watching on different television sets.  But for me and my group of friends, we were in a lounge, floating on the Pacific Ocean.  There was an excitement in the ocean air and sure enough, the Giants won that clinching game and we celebrated on the ship.  It was a great moment!  We celebrated on a ship in the Pacific Ocean, heading away from the country which where the World Series was held.

In 2012, when the Giants won the world series, I was able to watch up to the 9th inning at home.  I was hoping the game would have ended by the 9th because I knew I had a hockey game at night.  Just my luck, the game was tied after the 9th and I had to take off to Oakland to get ready for my game.  As I was listening to the 10th in the car, of course, that's when the Giants' Scutaro knocked in the game-winning run.  So immediately I was thinking I had to hurry up and get to the rink because they have a TV inside and of course they'd be showing it.  I'm now heading toward the parking lot of the rink and I noticed there's lots of cars in the area, and then saw a sign that said "FULL" in front of the lot.  GREAT!! Now I had to find street parking.  I circled and circled the area and couldn't find a single spot to park.  I believe it was around 10 to 15 minutes that has now passed and I finally just end up parking in a store parking lot.  Funny thing is that it was closed and the area has been strict with parking, but as I was getting my gear out of my car, I saw a worker in the store.  We made contact and I pointed to the ground as if to say "can I park here?"  And he gives me the nod.  Alright!  So I hurry up to the rink which is now about a two block walk.  I knew the Tigers were batting and just got two outs.  I cross a couple of streets and make it toward the entrance of the rink.  As I'm a few steps from stepping into the doors, I hear the huge roar of "YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"  from all over the place.  It was the stangest cheer I've heard because across the rink, there's an appartment, probably about 7 stories or so, and the street isn't that wide, so sound carries everywhere.  The cheer was like an outdoor, surround sound yell.  In some ways, it was kind of neat to be outside listening to that.  There must have been a ton of Giants fans living in Oakland and that area.  The downside is that I missed the final out by a few steps.  I walk inside and get to see the celebration on TV about 15 seconds after they won it.  I celebrated in the hockey rink I play at.  The Giants and hockey- what a great combination! :)

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