Saturday, April 4, 2015

Few weeks into training..

The past few weeks of dispatcher training-

Training has been quite a roller coaster.  In the beginning, I found it quite enjoyable because I was able to sit back and absorb all that was going on and seeing how the dynamics of the team works.  It's incredible how the team that's on works together, helps each other, and knows their stuff so well!  I told a lot of them that they are amazing at what they do.  As training goes on, it gets more involved where I'm actually taking calls and getting on the air, communicating with the units.  This is where the roller coaster heads a little downward.  As I get more involved, I'm finding where my issues are and where areas that need improvement are.  There's so much to be learned, I feel like I'm a little fish trying to drink the ocean, and perhaps, I'm feeling like I'm too spread out where I'm trying to cover so much, but can only progress in tiny, tiny increments in each thing I'm learning.  In turn, I feel like I'm frustrating my trainer because she notices my mistakes.  After learning of my mistakes, I'm always quite upset with myself, though I don't always show it, I'm burning inside.  I can't stand making those mistakes, especially when it can affect those out in the field, and slow down the team I'm with.  So.. the training continues and the beat goes on.  Yes, I'm frustrated, but that's always part of training right?  Two steps forward, one step back.

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